Lessons from Mark (questions)

Note: I’ve been missing doing writing here; it’s just been a rather busy time.  But, I’m hoping to get back into writing somewhat more regularly.

This little thought comes from Mark 11:29 and Mark 11:33 – for those without a handy Bible or who don’t have these passages memorized, this is the passage where leaders (chief priests, scribes, elders) come to Jesus and ask Him by what authority He was doing “these things” (they were probably speaking specifically about Jesus’ recent actions in the temple – casting out those who used the  temple as a place of business, overturning the moneychanger’s tables, etc.  Many of these people probably had paid good money to these Jewish leaders for the privilege of buying and selling in the temple, and so went to them in outrage over the actions of Jesus).

Jesus told them that He would answer their question after they answered one of His – He asked them about John’s baptism.

It has long intrigued me that not a single one of these leaders seemed to be interested in the true answer to the question — they were all caught up with merely what affect their answer would have upon themselves.  I wonder if we, too, sometimes ignore the truth God would teach us because we are so busy considering ourselves.

They didn’t answer, and so Jesus, holding to the condition He had set forth did not answer them.

The above is a summary of the end of Mark 11 – the lesson that I noted especially from v.33 is that just because someone asks a question, even if they are an authority, does not mean that they deserve an answer. To withhold an answer is not to lie.  Sometimes, no answer is the proper answer.

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