Monthly Archives: June 2020

Weird Weather

The weather in North Texas is interesting. It’s some weeks late, but Memorial Day 2020 was not only as early as it could be (the 25th), but it was also the coolest Memorial Day I can remember – certainly for … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Promo

Recently, I watched a promotional video for a Christian college. [As is my usual practice, I am not identifying it or the people involved – this is about principles involved. The people are, most likely, finer Christians than I am.] … Continue reading

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Posting Dearth

That’s “dearth”, not “death” <grin> I haven’t posted in a long time; it wasn’t for a lack of material. I am thankful that I stayed fully employed during the lockdown, but I was working odd hours, and I just didn’t … Continue reading

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