Growing Together

[A few years ago, I wrote an article called I Need You about the importance of fellowship. Recently, I’ve been pondering some additional thoughts along that line. In addition, this is, I think, the first time I’ve referred back to something I have previously written]

The Bible talks about Christians growing together (Eph 2:21 is one good reference). I had always thought that statements like this only meant that a Christian should be growing in his faith, or maturing in the Lord… and that we are all supposed to be growing/maturing, so it is growth together.

However, it means more than this; it means that our growth is aided by each other. I can assist my brother or sister in Christ to grow, and my brother or sister in Christ can help my grow also.  It could be obvious, such as a conversation on some spiritual topic. Other times, it may just subtle; the Holy Spirit could use something said offhand by another believer to teach me an important lesson.

Often, we only thing that the mature Christians help the young Christians to go; that it is kind of one-way transfer. Mature Christians can and do help younger Christians; this kind of help is relatively easy to see – mature Christians have generally studied the Scriptures longer and have experienced sundry trials.

Nevertheless, it is wrong to assume first of all that mature Christians should not be growing; this is a lifelong tasks.  It is also foolish to assume that young Christians cannot help mature Christians grow. Often, younger Christians have an enthusiasm and a wonder that mature Christians don’t have as much. Young Christians are also more willing to take a stand, when more mature Christians may be tired of fighting an issue.

And thus we grow together.

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