Thoughts on Judas Iscariot

The Scriptures usually (maybe even always) say, following Judas’ name “which also betrayed Him” (Him being Jesus Christ).  As I’ve mentioned before, we sometimes don’t take a balanced look at Bible characters; not one of the disciples thought that Judas Iscariot would betray Jesus. And Judas had been traveling with Jesus during His ministry, teaching, healing, etc — doing all of the same good things that the other disciples were doing.

However, none of that is remembered about him unless we make an effort to remember it – what is remembered is how he finished up – betraying Jesus Christ and then committing suicide… a terrible, horrible, tragic ending.

Let us take a  lesson from Judas to not shipwreck at the end of our lives; our journey here on this earth.

May God grant that we finish our course well and in honor and glory to Him; may He grant that we avoid the temptation that would make a shipwreck of our lives and our testimony and bring dishonor to that Name which is honorable above all else!

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3 Responses to Thoughts on Judas Iscariot

  1. Judas as everyone knows, was one of a dozen disciples that in time became separated from the others in his group, who obviously thought none too highly of him. But there is a precedent for this. In the Book of Genesis, the patriarch Jacob’s favorite son, Joseph, was also one of a brotherhood of twelve, who likewise became separated from his respective brethren, whose wrath he had incurred. The upshot of Joseph’s story of course is that he ended up by ruling over his brothers who had thought to do him evil. Can it be that Judas will do the same?

  2. rlosey says:

    Thank you for your comment. It is not my policy to only approve comments with which I agree; in general, all posts, if they are decent are approved.

    I disagree with most of what your comment says; Joseph is considered a type of Jesus Christ; (hated by his brethren, sold for the price of a slave; took a Gentile bride, and eventually rules over those that rejected and mocked him).

    There is no evidence that Judas was disliked by the other disciples.

    Moreover, Judas won’t be returning; Jesus called him “a devil” and “a son of perdition” (I think). It appears that Judas only believed in Jesus Christ as a national Deliverer from Rome, but never as a personal Savior from sin, so Judas was lost.

    • Have it your way…for now. Certainly Judas was the son of perdition like in the parable of the lost one, who comes home again as the prodigal son. And when he returns, who do you think is going to be the fatted calf that gets slain in his honor?

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