Lessons from Mark (rewards)

In  my slow, plodding way of going through Mark, reached Mark 9:41 and pondering the verse, it was such a blessing.

Have you ever done anything (or many things) for others, and found them unappreciative?

Or perhaps you do something nice for someone, and they thank you, but don’t mention it. Then, another person does something and is publicly exalted. In such cases, anger and “why did I bother?” gnaw at our souls.

Today’s verse is an excellent antidote to those thoughts…

Jesus tells us that “anyone” — any one at all – that includes you; that includes me — that would give the smallest thing – even a drink of water – to someone because that someone is a fellow believer in Christ, and who does it in Jesus’ name — that “anyone” has a guarantee from the Son of God Himself that the action SHALL absolutely, positively be rewarded.

So, did we do what we did for public recognition?  Or did we do it to be kind to fellow Christian?  Public recognition is so fleeting; the rewards of God are going to be far more worthwhile and lasting.

Let us do good to others as we have opportunity, and keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, not fussing about others.


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