Lessons from Mark (edification)

In Mark 9:17-22, there is the story of the man whose son was possessed by “dumb” spirit; also called a “foul” spirit.

From other passages of Scripture, we find that these spirits seem to prefer to indwell living things – those inside of the maniac of Gadera preferred to be sent into swine to being cast of of the man.

But for all that, they are not taking care of where they dwell; the foul spirit in this passage “tore” the young man; attempting to cast him into fire and water.

It seems that all that the foul, wicked, evil, foolish can do is to destroy, even to their own detriment: the “foolish” woman plucks down her house; the maniac of Gadera cut the host body with stones, etc.

Good edifies, or builds up.

Which are we known for?  Do we build people up, or tear them down?  It seems to be our nature to point out what is wrong, but most people have many things that are doing right, or even well, to the one thing that they are doing wrong.

I’m not talking about ignoring error, but why don’t we encourage people more often when they do what they are supposed to.  If we only and ever point out their faults, they will think we don’t think they can do anything right.

Task for each day: find something that someone has done well (there are a lot more than you might think at first), and praise them for it.  It is a matter of practice in noticing and then saying something.

A thought for this day.

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