On Critics and Criticism (Overview)

As I considered this topic, I’ve decided to split it up into multiple posts.

There is a place for critics, no doubt, but I don’t remember seeing any statues to them in the Hall of Fame.

That’s a saying I heard growing up, and it’s purpose, I believe, was to remind us to not be just a complainer, and that’s a good lesson for today.


I have been disturbed for many years now by the attitude of some leaders to criticism. Basically, here are some attitudes I’ve heard (in no particular order):

  • I never bother with anonymous critics; if they aren’t willing to put their name to it, I won’t respond to it.
  • I never listen to critics (I’m too busy doing a work for God)
  • Critics are dogs; wolves among the sheep; goats among the sheep

Nobody likes to be criticized, which is basically saying “you’re wrong”; it’s part of our human (sinful) nature to think we are right in our opinions, beliefs, and actions.

There is the critic who only throws out criticism; he doesn’t appear to do anything but to point out what others are doing wrong.

But there are also numerous people working to being honor and glory to God who are concerned enough for the truth to bring out errors they find.

In the next few posts, I want to examine the reactions I listed above.


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