Preaching Who?

One of the most sobering comments I’ve read recently was a challenge: How much does your church talk about Jesus Christ? Specifically, the challenge was to take a random sermon and count the mentions of Jesus.

For Christians, He is the One that we should be exalting – and that goes both personally and as a church.  If someone recorded my daily “free” conversations – how much is about possessions and people and ideas and how much is about Jesus Christ? (By a free conversation, I am excluding conversations that are work-specific or when you are seeking knowledge, or when you are replying to specific questions).

For our churches, how much of the messages we hear even mention Jesus? The church is supposed to be His.  If I go to the Reagan library, I expect to see a lot about President Reagan (and hear a lot, if there is a guided tour).  If I go to the Lincoln Memorial, I expect to see/hear a lot about Lincoln).  But go to the church that Jesus died for, and how often is His name mentioned?

He told us that if He were to be lifted up, He would draw all men unto Him.  Have we decided that we can do it better?  Or do we truly lift Him up?

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