Weather records

Tomorrow is the last day of August; it’s been a hot summer here.  Both July and Aug are on the top ten list of “number of days in the month above 100”. July had 30 days over 100 and is in spot #2; Aug looks like it will have 28 and be tied for spot #3. (For those not from this area, 1980 was apparently the hottest summer ever and set all kinds of records; it holds the #1 spot with all days in July being over 100).

Then there is the total number of days over 100… the record is 69 (from, of course, 1980). We’re currently at 63 and there are four more days forecast to be over 100; that will put us at 67, solidly in 2nd place.  3rd place is a distant 56 days in 1998.

When the temperature does drop down to 95, I may need to wear a parka. <grin>

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