A More Sure Word

The Scriptures tell us that we have a “more sure word of prophecy” (2 Pet 1:19); God gave these words to Peter – Peter, who saw Jesus Christ transfigured before his eyes, and who heard God the Father speak.  For all this great experience, the Scriptures are called “more sure”.

The Bible is “more sure” than:

1) Our experiences; Peter, as noted above, had a great experience.  But still the Bible is “more sure”.  We often tell ourselves that “if only God would speak to me, I would know for sure and never doubt” – sounds good, but I’ll believe God’s word over any statement.  Upon one occasion when God did speak from heaven, some of the people thought it was thunder (John 12:28-19).  Over time, we would begin to doubt.  We should look to the Scriptures – our “more sure word”.

Consider, furthermore, the rich man in Luke 16; at the end, he begged Abraham to send Lazarus to his family, thinking that they would believe if they had an experience of seeing someone rise from the dead.  Abraham agrees with the Scripture and told the rich man that if they didn’t heed the Scripture (the more sure word), they would not believe a man risen from the dead. (Note: we know this to be true – Jesus rose from the dead, and the Jews, at large, rejected Him).

2) Our thoughts; the thoughts of the Almighty, perfect in holiness, are not similar to our thoughts (Is 55:8-9).  God gave us our minds so that we can reason, but we have a “more sure word” against which we can check our thoughts.  When our reasoning, or, more properly, its conclusions, contradict the Scripture, we must believe the Scripture.

3) Our feelings; we are creatures of emotion; some, more than others. However, above all of our feelings is the “more sure word”. When God tells me that my sins are forgotten by Him, it is true, whether I still “feel” guilty before Him or not. When He tells me that the righteousness of Jesus Christ has been placed to my account because of faith in His Son, it is fact, regardless of how I feel.  When He tells me that I am in His hand, and that no man can take me out of His hand, that is true, even during times when I don’t “feel” saved.

Thank God that we have a “more sure word”!

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Christian, lover-of-knowledge, Texan, and other things.
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