Hot August

August is over — we didn’t break any absolute records, but we do have several unusual things about this summer.  This is the first time in one summer that there are TWO streaks of consecutive days over 100 degrees.  The first one ended 11 Aug when we didn’t get over 100, stopping the streak at 40, just two days shy of the record of 42.  However, we’ve set a second consecutive streak tied for 10th place at 18 days.  The next three days are forecast to be over 100, so the new streak should, if that holds, be at 21, which will put this second string in 7th place. Three more days will put the total annual days at 68, 1 short of the 69 record. Finally, the most days in a month has both July 2011 and Aug 2011 making the top ten with 30 days (spot #2) and 28 days (tied for spot #3) respectively.

Summary: It’s been a hot summer here.

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