The Love of God

NOTE: I’ve been reviewing some older posts that I started, but never finished (or was interrupted before I could post). They may not be have all that I wanted to say, but I think they are worth posting.

During the Wed night Bible study (a few years ago), our pastor mentioned in passing “God will never love you and more or less than He does right now.”

That is a staggering truth, especially to someone who was steeped in a “you better do good to keep on God’s good side” tradition.

Some notes:
God loved us when we were unsaved, and under His wrath; will He love us any less now that we are His children? (of course not!)

Frequent claim is that you won’t see your prayers answered if you are not XXX-ing. This is false – we ask prayer in Jesus’ Name, not in our own name. Our works are as filthy rags, and do not commend us to God.

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