Olympic Thoughts

NOTE: I should have posted this last year when it was topical, but the thoughts are still valid. Apparently, I was interrupted before I got to the negatives.

Other than figure skating, I enjoy watching the Winter Olympics. I’d though I’d write down some negatives and positives that I recall from the games:

  • (yea!) – to Mr Krueger who fell near the start of the skiathalon race, got up, passed 63 skiers to win a gold medal. How inspiring to never give up!
  • (yea!) – and speaking of not giving up, how about the US Men’s Curling team, who looked like they were headed for an early defeat, starting at 2-4. But they didn’t give up, won four games in a row to play for medals, and brought home gold.
  • (yea!) – to an American skiier (I don’t know his name) – he missed a gate in a slalom run, but doggedly skied back, correctly went through the gate and finished the course. I was very proud to be an American, especially when the next skier (not an American) also went off course, but appeared to throw a mini-tantrum.

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