Musing on light

On Wednesday nights, we have been studying 1 Cor; it has been a blessing.  Last Wednesday, we were in 1 Cor 15 – part of the message touched on v15 flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; later, the preacher was discussion what our bodies in heaven could be like.

As with many things, that set my mind thinking; one of the reasons we must have a new body in heaven is that this frail, mortal frame cannot see God.  We know from 1 John that God is light.  I’ve been in bed when someone turns on a light.  It hurts my eyes.  Or, going out into the bright sunlight from a dark room — it is so bright that my eyes hurt. I’m sure that’s happened to others, too.  Now, consider that magnified a thousand-fold.  God is light, and if we saw Him as He is, these bodies would incinerate instantly.  We aren’t supposed to look at the sun because it will hurt us.  But the Almighty is pure, true light – even our sun has dark spots. Seeing Him is more than we could bear.

Little wonder that we must have new bodies; thankfully, we will have them and be able to gaze upon “Him who loved us”.

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