Follow Your Heart?

Pro 23:19 has the command …guide thine heart in the way.

This bit of Scripture stands in stark contrast to the common advice Follow your heart — also heard as the statement I’ve got to follow my heart.

If we disagree with a statement in the Bible, then it’s we who are wrong.  Elsewhere, the Bible says Let God be true, but every man a liar. (Rom 3:4).

The Christian’s instruction is to guide his heart, not follow it.  We should not do whatever our heart wants to do – we should guide it to right things.  There is a great and wondrous joy when our heart is in an activity that we are doing.  Young children do (or try to do) whatever they feel like doing. Christians are to grow up and put away childish ways. The mature Christian does not ask What do I want to do?, but What is the right thing to do? or What would the Lord have me to do?

Contrast this with Pro 18:2, where it is said of a fool that his delight is in his heart discovering itself.  This sounds a lot like the “follow your heart” advice.

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