Thoughts from Romans (Jew and Gentile)

In several places in the book of Romans, the phrase “to/of the Jew  first, and also to/of the Greek/Gentile”

Among other things, I notice that God does make distinctions between groups of people, or races. This is clear throughout the Bible, as God lists several different people groups (the various “-ittes” in the Old Testament).

But we are also told of “the righteous judgment of God” and that “there is no respect of persons with God” — that is, while there is an acknowledgment of different races, none of that matters when God judges a person.

It doesn’t matter if one is famous or unknown, wealthy or poor, brown or black or white or yellow, of the Philistines, or of the Jews… God is not impressed by wealth – the universe is His. Nor will He be swayed be arguments of not being able to help oneself because on was poor.

His will be a righteous judgment.


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