Lessons from Mark (Gethsemane)

Most people who have studied the life of Jesus Christ have some passing familiarity with what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane: That Jesus prayed, but the disciples who had been asked to watch fell asleep, that Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot with a kiss, and that the disciples all ran away.

However, sometimes familiarity with a passage or event causes us to miss some truths.

In regard to the disciples, the Scripture says: And they all forsook Him, and fled. (Mark 14:50).

They did not merely flee from Jesus, they forsook Him.  Forsake is a strong word – it means to leave with no intention of returning.

Note, too, that just minutes ago, they had been willing to fight for Jesus. The difference seems to have Jesus’ acceptance of what was happening; He stopped their fighting and healed the injured person, and was willingly allowing them to take Him.

Perhaps, the disciples saw their hopes dashed here; they had expected that Jesus would set up His kingdom, and now, He willingly is going with His worst enemies! How disappointing that moment was!  So, not only did they flee because they didn’t want to be arrested, but they also “forsook Him”.

These things are written for our edification and instruction.

Are we tempted to abandon (“forsake”) God because our expectations have not been met?  Are we willing to abandon (“forsake”) church because of some disappointment?

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