Lessons from Mark (Life)

In the first nine verses of Mark 8, there is the recording of the feeding of the four thousand.  I think that we are sometimes so taken up with the miracle that we forget what is going on in the passage.  Without looking, do you know?

Jesus is planning to send the crowd away… it is only because of His compassion to not send them away fasting that led Him to use the supplies at hand and His disciples to feed the crowd.  But His plan was to dismiss them, and He did so, after that had eaten.

This incident tells us that while it is correct to sit and learn and Jesus feet, there is a time when we should leave and attend to our own responsibilities, whatever they are.

It is not His will or plan that His children shut themselves away in Christian-only communities. The blessings He gave us are for us to live through the tough situations – the unfortunate events that happen; the difficult co-workers or bosses.  When we handle these with Holy Spirit-given grace, we glorify Him.

So, yes, of course, spend time with Jesus, but don’t forget that everyone who spent time with Him were also sent away.


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