Good messages

I thought I’d use a post to list some messages that have really been an unusual blessing to me. Just a short list for now; it may grow over time (hopefully will):

  • Ten Shekels and a Shirt (by Paris Reidhead) available on (and probably other places)This is a long message. Paris Reidhead was a missionary to Africa during part of his life. He is from a previous generation.  This is his most famous sermon; I have listed to others and have enjoyed them.  This message should be required listening for any missionary. He was a missionary for the wrong reasons, and I suspect that many missionaries today (at least to hear them talk) fall into the same error.
  • 39 Years an Independent Baptist… and Grieved About it (by Tom Brennan) available through his church’s web site (
    This is another long message, but sorely needed.  Despite the title, this message upholds Biblical preaching and holiness.  This is just a tremendous message. Everyone who has been called to preach should listen to this message.
  • A Message for the Seven Sons of Sceva (by James Rasbeary); not sure of availability; if any interest is expressed, I’ll try to add a link to it, or upload it, or something.
    This is a message given to Bible college students, and is a great lesson from the text.
  • Hudson Taylor (Jason Janz); available on
    A very convicting message about Hudson Taylor. Well worth listening to.

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