Lessons in Mark (Musings)

There’s a little story in Mark 1 (verses 31-34) that had some neat lessons for me, and so I thought I’d share them…

For those that desire an on-line summary, Jesus has begun to gather disciples; He has Andrew, Peter, James, and John with Him. He has gone to Peter & Andrew’s house to spend the night. However, word of what He had done earlier that Saturday, and most of the city came with sick friends or family, as well as those possessed with a devil. The Bible tells us that He healed many of them, and cast out many devils, but that they were not allowed to speak because they knew Him.

First note: Are we like the disciples, who followed Him to hear Him speak and to learn of His teachings, or are we like the crowd, who showed up uninvited, and unannounced because they heard about something good at Andrew’s place?  A good “sale” (quite appropriate for the day after so-called “Black Friday”), free healing, a chance to have needs met, and have their friends/loved ones restored.  It was all about their needs, not about Jesus Christ.  Do we loved God for who He is, or for what He can do for us?  Do we do good things for Him so that He will be good to us, or to get good things from Him, or just because He is worthy?

Second note: Jesus is infinitely good – He is well aware that they came merely for what they could get, yet He still healed them.  If most people had been in His position, they would have insisted that the people coming “make a donation to support the ministry”, or that they believe on Him, or SOMETHING.  But Jesus makes no demands of these people; He heals them. How good He is!

Third note: Even though the devils were speaking the truth, Jesus refused to let them speak of Him.  He did not desire the endorsement of demons and devils, even though they spoke the truth about Him.  So… sometimes truth isn’t the only consideration. As the Scripture tells us, there is a time to keep silent, and a time to speak.

Hope you enjoyed this!

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