What is your hope?

And every man that hath this hope in him… (I John 3:3)

Just a quick thought this  morning… for those who claim to be Christian, what are you hoping for?  Is your hope Jesus Christ?  Or is your hope the things that He provides or makes possible?  Because of Him, we shall see heaven.  Because of Him, we shall see our loved ones in Christ again.  Because of Him, we shall have sound minds and healthy bodies.

While all of these are good things, and heaven will be better than anyone could ever imagine, such things should shrink  far, far into the background when compared to seeing Jesus Christ and being with Him.

O, Christian, is He your joy?  Or are you so in love with the “things” He has given that He is neglected?

About Richard

Christian, lover-of-knowledge, Texan, and other things.
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