Stupid Water Policy

Where I live, and in most of North Texas, we are under the control of the North Texas Municipal Water District. Starting about a year ago, we’ve been under drought restrictions as far as the use of water goes.

But then, God sent rain, and the lakes gained the 12 feet or so that they were down. As of 22 Mar 2012, the lake has been full or above full.  Yet, the drought restrictions (“severe”) have been kept.  It’s now middle May, and they are STILL on “severe” restrictions.

It seems to me that they have a poor opinion of us regular water users… that if they lift the restrictions now, we won’t obey restrictions when (if) they need to be returned.

Instead of removing the restrictions, they have left them at “severe”, but have gone to a “relaxed” level 3.

C’mon, you bureaucrats – just take off the restrictions!

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