The Love of God

Recently, my pastor made an comment after the service to the effect that we really don’t know how much God loves us, and I’ve been thinking about that.
We know that God is love, and we know that He demonstrated His love to the world in that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.
But somehow, after we become believers, we seem to forget this truth – we think that God loves the lost, but that we, His adopted children through the new birth had better measure up, or we’ll get into trouble.
Nonsense!  If God loved us before we were saved, when we were alienated and enemies of Him, how much more does He love us when we are redeemed and His own.
We somehow get the idea that if we don’t keep up doing good works, God is going to “get” us — we forget that not only are our best works “filthy rags” before we are saved, they remain “filthy rags” after we are saved.  Our good works do not impress God, nor do they cause Him to love us.  Our good works are a way to show Him that we love Him, but they do not bring us into His favor.
We so often try to take God down to our level in this area – we try to behave to stay on the “good side” of our parents, friends, wives, husbands, etc… but God is not  like that – He loves His children.  Period.  We don’t need to be good to be loved by Him – He loved us when we were yet sinners.

If He loved us enough to send His Son to die so that we might have fellowship with Him, will He love us any less now that we are His children?

Some churches, sadly, effectively preach that we must obey God in order for Him to like us and be happy with us… that’s just not so — God is pleased with the efforts we make to obey Him, but AT BEST our best efforts are filthy rags, and He loves us regardless.

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