More weather records

In case you cannot tell, I’m interested in weather topics <grin>.

I was doing some research yesterday, and the summer of 2011 (that finally seems to be ending, God be thanked!) set other records.

August 2011 was the warmest month on record (beating July 1980).

August 2011 is #1 for the highest mean temperature, highest average temperature, and the highest “low” temperature.

The entire summer set records for the highest mean temperature, and the highest low temperature.  (It is #2 for the highest average temperature)

In the top ten list of consecutive days over 100 degrees, 2011 is the only year that has two entries in that list.

We set 11 new record highs for this summer (there are still 26 remaining from the blistering 1980 summer)

It didn’t cool off much at night this summer – we set 33 new records for the highest “low” temperature (there are only seven left from 1980).

We smashed the record of number of days with a low temperature of 80 degrees or higher; the old record was 39, and we had 55 days this summer.

The highest temperature recorded here still belongs to the 1980 heat wave (113). However, in the wee hours of 03 Aug, we set a record highest “low” temperature of 86 degrees (no wonder my A/C had to run all night!).

For summer daily temperatures, 2011 has four of the top ten highest mean averages, including the #1, #2, and #4 spots.  2011 owns all of the top 10 entries for the highest “low” temperatures.

The one-line executive summary of the above: It’s been hot here in north Texas!

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